Database of Translation Agencies in Belgium

What is this?

  • This is a clean database of translation agencies, located in Belgium. The list is manually-collected, tested and verified; Every entry is individually checked.


Database Specifications:

  • File Type: XLSX (Microsoft Excel Document)
  • No. of Entries: +500 Entries
  • Location: Belgium
  • Columns: Company Name, Phone Number, Email Addresses, Website Link.
  • Last Update: August 2020


Data Sources:

  • Google
  • Translation Directory
  • Translatorscafe
  • Proz
  • Yellow Pages Belgium
  • MaxiWorld Directory
  • De Vakmannen Directory
  • The Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (CBTI-BKVT)
  • BQTA - Belgian Quality Translation Association
  • Euro Pages
  • Belgium Vertaalbureau Information Directory
  • MemoGrids Directory
  • Digital Wallonia
  • List
  • 1207 & 1307 Directories

Belgium cities covered by this database:

  • Translation Companies in Antwerp
  • Translation Companies in Ghent 
  • Translation Companies in Charleroi
  • Translation Companies in Liège
  • Translation Companies in Brussels
  • Translation Companies in Bruges
  • Translation Companies in Namur 
  • Translation Companies in Leuven 
  • Translation Companies in East Flanders
  • Translation Companies in Flemish Brabant
  • Translation Companies in Hainaut
  • Translation Companies in Walloon Brabant
  • Translation Companies in Hainaut
  • Translation Companies in Limburg
  • Translation Companies in West Flanders

Why our database is different?

  • Affordable: Our database is almost the cheapest on the market! We invite you to check the prices on other portals like Translation Directory and TranslatorsCafe.
  • Comprehensive: Purchasing our database means that you are in no need to purchase any other database! Please check our data sources!
  • Clean: All entries are manually checked and validated.
  • Updated: Our team is periodically check for any new entries and automatically remove any invalid ones.
  • Unique: This is not a copied database! You will never find it elsewhere.

What other services may the companies in this database provide beside the translation service?

  • Voice Over
  • Language Training
  • Interpreting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subtitling
  • Localization

Database of Translation Agencies in Belgium

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